Welding Fume Extractor

The high efficiency of the used filter materials ensures the capture of at least 99.75% of harmful substances in premises
Our unique welding fume and dust extraction unit has a number of global advantages over standard horizontal and vertical exhaust ventilation systems.
Saving 80% resources
You significantly reduce the cost of paying for electricity and reduce heat loss in production in winter
Four degrees of purification
Extracts and filters indoor air, completely removes smoke and gases
Easy to use
Due to its compact design, the device is easy to use and versatile in use
Improves the quality of work
The unit prevents diseases due to exhaust gas poisoning
Energy-saving units for air purification from pollutants (welding aerosols, abrasive dust, etc.) are designed in accordance with modern technologies that are used in industrial and commercial industries, where easy moving and compact filtering installations are required.

The advantages of mobile installations are obvious:
- the unit filters and purifies the air directly at the source of pollution, which increases its efficiency in comparison with general ventilation.
- due to the high degree of purification of polluted air (more than 99.75%), the unit returns the purified air back to the room, which makes it possible to reduce the flow of cold air into the heated room, and significantly save on heating, and in some cases even solve the issue of the possibility of heating large industrial premises.
Air purification in commercial, industrial premises, significantly reduces the concentration of harmful aerosols in the enclosed area due to four degrees of filtration

Spark arrester,
coarse-mesh filter
Filter of F5 class which absorbs airborne particles, middle class of primary purification
Filter of F9 class, fine purification
H13 absolute HEPA
filter 99.75% purification efficiency

A mobile installation for cleaning polluted air allows you to save on heating the premises significantly, due to the fact that the installation passes and purifies the air through itself, returning the cleaned, warm air back to the enclosed area.

Buy welding smoke removal unit
Removal of harmful gases from commercial, industrial premises in the winter, significantly reduces the cost of supply and exhaust ventilation installation and maintenance
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